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Since their formation in 2013, BEWITCHER has seen their signature “Black Magick Metal” sound go from humble beginnings to new heights of creativity and wild anthemic fervor. A small collection of long out-of-print demo tapes kicked off what has proven to be an enduring line of ripping studio albums, singles and EPs. Along the way, they have earned a reputation as one of the hardest working touring acts around, bringing their volcanic, high energy live shows to every corner of North America and parts abroad.

Now, as the band reaches a new crucial milestone, they are taking a moment to look back on a decade of diabolic speed and sorcery. Their latest offering, ”Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves: Ten Years of Black Leather, Black Magic & White Hot Fucking Steel“, is a massive 17-track compilation of BEWITCHER’s original demo recordings, including rare and previously unreleased material, all remastered as well as two brand new studio tracks.


Released November 17th on all formats including a stacked double LP version, it is a compelling retrospective on the earliest days of this rising force in the world of heavy metal.


  • Satanic Panic (demo) - 2013

  • Wild Blasphemy (demo) - 2013

  • Midnight Hunters (demo) - 2015

  • Grand Rites of the Wicked (comp) - 2015

  • Bewitcher (s/t) - 2016

  • Too Fast for the Flames (7" single) - 2019

  • Under the Witching Cross - 2019

  • Cursed Be Thy Kingdom - 2021

  • Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves - 2023


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